Bulk Delivery:

For Bulk Delivery and Wholesale Prices, Email Us Or WhatsApp: +32 460 21 76 89 to orderMost wood pellets today are sold in 40-pound bags, stacked and shrouded on pallets, and delivered by the ton.

But a growing number of people are discovering convenient and cost-effective bulk wood pellets – loose pellets sold by the ton, but without any bags. We offer bulk delivery at this time worldwide.

Benefits of Bulk.

Less waste. No pallets or plastic bags. More convenient delivery into storage solution best suited for your home.

Safety! Don’t have to pick up, carry, haul up or down stairs, set down, tear open, and empty a 40lb bag into your appliance.

Dedicated location for storage. No more storing bags in your truck, closet, back patio, storage room, or any number of other locations Less dust in the house with a complete storage and transfer system.

Our bulk hardwood pellets have a reputation for quality and consistency. Bulk hardwood pellets make keeping your heating system stocked with pellets easier and more cost effective

They are an ideal solution if you depend on pellets to heat your home or business, especially when combined with a Pellet Storage Bin

We can deliver bulk pellets directly to your storage bin using our state of the art delivery truck and vacuum system. Stop carrying the heavy bags of heating pellets by switching to bulk.